Breach Of Fiduciary Duty

With A Fiduciary, Trust Is Everything

A fiduciary relationship is special. A fiduciary typically has special knowledge and provides advice or guidance that the ordinary person lacks. An attorney, a trustee, or a financial advisor may be a fiduciary.

Fiduciary derives from the Latin word for trust and, in Ohio, fiduciaries are generally held to a higher standard of conduct. A breach of fiduciary duty dispute often arises from how an estate or trust is being administered, contesting a will, or a beneficiary actions against a trustee. A party believes an estate administrator, trustee, or personal representative have done something improper and sues. Bob has handled these types of cases and understands the difficulties of resolving these matters.

Misunderstanding Or Malfeasance?

Sometimes a beneficiary misunderstands how a trust or estate administration should proceed. Sometimes a lawyer or trustee acts improperly. Sometimes its hard to tell. In these sensitive situations, it can be easy for positions to harden and parties become intransigent.

Bob can point out that the costs for much of the litigation may be borne by the estate or trust, meaning extended litigation may exhaust much of the value of the estate or trust. He can help, working with each side to develop a solution that resolves the matter before the litigation destroys the prize.

Litigating these cases may allow the attorney fees and costs in defending the estate or trust to be paid from the assets of the estate or trust. So, extended litigation may deplete a large amount of those assets reducing the amount of money the beneficiaries would ultimately receive. As a mediator, Bob works with all parties to find what resolves the matter before the litigation or risks of proceeding destroys the prize.

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