Business Disputes

The business of America is business, it has been said, and business, as much as it is about making and selling and building, is about relationships. You must deal with your customers, your suppliers, vendors, distributors, contractors and -- with your partners.

It's All About Relationships

From competitors to trusted partners and customers, you deal with them every day. Having good relationships are essential for your business to succeed. Your business depends on these relationships.

Litigation Is Corrosive

Sometimes there is just no other way; you have to litigate. But, your damages calculation needs to include the total cost of litigation. It's not just expert witness fees and attorney fees. It's the parties' time and energy expended on the case and not their business. It's the time and disruption of litigation to the employees than can cause problems in working relationships and effective management. The real business gets relegated to the back burner. And, then, it may adversely affect your relationships with your customers and other businesses, which may cost you for a long time.

Litigation often destroys trust and relationships. Sometimes "proving a point" is not worth the cost. You may damage more than just your relationship with the individual or entity involved. Word gets around quickly.

And even though all would agree that litigating is reasonable, the impetus to settle should be even stronger. Bob has worked on commercial litigation for decades and he knows the value of a neutral mediator. One who can help the parties move towards a consensus and obtain a cost-effective settlement that resolves the issue and preserves relationships for the long-term good of your business.

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