Time Is Always Money

Construction litigation arises from a myriad of aspects of the project. Once a dispute arises, the problem is the vector of expense, like that of "Time's Arrow", only moves in one direction.

There can be design and planning issues that implicate an owner, general contractor, engineer, or architects. There can be disputes between the general contractor and the subcontractors or between the subs. There can be disputes regarding scheduling, completion dates, payment, and financing. There can be delay due to weather or unforeseen difficulties which can cascade down through and disrupt a project and sometimes prevent an orderly or timely completion.

Will You Benefit From The Litigation Delays?

When a construction project goes bad, the first impulse is for everyone to lawyer-up and begin filing claims and counter claims. Because of the vast number of interconnections in a substantial project, these claims can snowball as ever more entities are unable to complete their elements of the contracts resulting in additional breaches. Mediation or arbitration may be required by the contract or, simply, just make real sense. No one is happy. Except your law firm. Mediation or arbitration may be required by your contract. This is where Bob comes in.

His decades of experience with both complex litigation and the skill of dealing with people developed during his long career can be invaluable. Nothing is improved by any more delay. The faster you solve the problem, the better for all parties involved. Bob's skill and experience can help all sides find that resolution.

Contract Bob To Mediate Your Construction Case

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