Employment not only provides income but, for many employees, time at work occupies the largest portion of their day. It may also be their place for friendships or other social events.

Employers are equally if not more invested in their work. For some small businesses, it may well be their whole life. An employment dispute is usually immensely disruptive and can lead to a loss of morale, lack of production and an increase in distrust. Employers need to protect their products, markets and customers from disgruntled employees.

The Workplace Is A Complex Environment

Sometimes an employee is greatly harmed by actions of an employer, their supervisors and other workers. From sex, race or religious discrimination, to actual physical injury or psychological harm, employees can be driven from a job they love or need.

Claims of discrimination under Title VII, ADEA, ADA or FMLA are often intertwined. These cases are often difficult to prove and must satisfy numerous legal requirements. An employer may want to settle to make the case go away and finally get rid of the employee, but does not want to encourage copycat behavior or admit any wrongdoing. Because much of the evidence may be he-said/she-said, outcomes are speculative and trials can present great risk of unfavorable results.

Particularly important in employment cases, Bob understands the advantages of a confidential process and settlement helps to protect reputations and prevent embarrassment to both sides.

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