Age Discrimination

Age discrimination cases, like much employment law, are complex, fact-specific cases, with claims involving allegations by employees who believe they have suffered an adverse job action because of their age. It may be the loss of a promotion, a change in job responsibilities or their being subject to being fired.

The Challenges Of Age Discrimination Litigation

The employer may believe that the allegations groundless, dismissing them out-of-hand and perhaps increasing the employee's feelings of discrimination. Litigating these cases is usually problematic, as they will include the demand the examination of the personal management styles of supervisors and managers and their internal thought processes.

For the employee, proving discrimination is a challenge, while the employer may find it difficult to articulate the "real" (and non-discriminatory) rationale for the treatment of the employee.

For the employer, litigation will include expensive discovery, disruption of business operations, and the inevitable risk of a bad outcome.

Going to trial, this can lead to expensive discovery, disruption of business operations due to extensive depositions and interrogatories, and always carries the risk of a bad outcome. Employees face the same risk. Your career may be damaged and a jury may award you nothing.

Settlement And Control

As a neutral, Bob's job is to help the parties, no matter how far apart, come to a settlement. This may seem impossible to begin with. But more likely than not, your age discrimination case will settle and if you can make terms with the other side, you retain vastly greater control than if you throw the die with a jury.

Mediation provides the control most people want. With a jury, a bad case can win and a good case can lose. You just never know. Until you do. At which point, it's too late.

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