Civil Rights — Title VII

Title VII cases in the employment context are inherently volatile because the underlying conduct is discriminatory – race, sex, gender, or national origin. For the employee, the harm can be grievous. Being exposed to a hostile work environment or retaliatory behavior for a prolonged period can be a gut-wrenching, soul-crushing experience.

For the employer, allegations of discrimination can threaten operation of the business and depending on size, seriously damage the business itself. Investigations by the EEOC or OCRC, or litigation can be enormously distracting, taking extensive time and attention away from running the business and undermining much of the morale within your company.

Mediation provides the most control over a solution. That's what most people want. With a jury, a bad case can win and a good case can lose. You just never know. Until you do. At which point, it's too late.

Finding Common Ground

Bob can help. He has handled these cases. He understands the emotions and pressures the parties experience during these cases. He also understands time-consuming litigation benefits no one. Bob's goal is to help the parties and their attorneys find the common ground that will resolve the issue. Always at stake are the risks, time, and costs - all of which drive parties to settle.

You Know When You Should Settle

Most cases ultimately settle. If done early, significant amounts of time and money are saved. But, discovery also helps "clear the air" on issues. Mediation also often works well before the judge decides a dispositive motion or before trial starts, or even after trial or an appeal.

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