How He Works

Tenacity. Integrity. Creativity. Experience. And Patience. Lots Of Patience.

When Peanut Butter Refuses To Get Together With Jelly

With any dispute, it is sometimes difficult to understand the perspective of the other side. Bob Palmer learned early in his legal career that the best way to understand an adversary was to become them.

As a USAF JAG Officer, Bob worked as both a prosecutor and defense lawyer as well as handling civil and, when deployed overseas, diplomatic matters. This early training served him well during his career as a civil trial attorney throughout Ohio where he developed a reputation as one of Ohio's best and most successful plaintiff's trial attorneys.

That training serves Bob yet today in his work as a neutral during mediations helping the parties find and create resolution. But, as a neutral, Bob no longer is trying to win cases, but guides parties to resolution. Bob routinely invokes the Rolling Stones' lyric that "you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find you get what you need."

Why Should You Mediate?

Although it is often difficult to work with an adverse party to reach a resolution of a dispute, it is usually significantly better than accepting an adverse decision by a court or jury. The parties need to consider the big picture – getting on with recovery, focusing on business or just putting the dispute in the past sooner than later. Benefits are realized; risks are gone; money and time are saved.

Bob Palmer is an insightful, knowledgeable neutral who combines knowledge of the law with a deep understanding of people, to create successful outcomes for the parties.

Decades Of Experience Working With People

As a trial lawyer, Bob has a long record of success representing individuals and businesses that had been wronged and suffered damages or losses.

His work as a trial lawyer for more than four decades has provided Bob with a deep understanding of the passion involved in any case. From his legal experience and dealing with all kinds of people, Bob brings the patience, understanding, compassion and clear-headedness necessary to help you resolve your matter.

As a mediator, his success comes from helping parties with strongly opposing views find common ground. He is open, honest, straightforward and pragmatic. He is approachable, diplomatic, persistent and resourceful.

In short, he's the kind of lawyer that gives lawyers and mediators a good name.

Mediation: A Better Way

Mediation allows the parties to create their future. This may be difficult, but with no procedural obstacles, the parties in control of their destiny, Bob works to understand the motivations and real needs of all sides. And, with his many years of experience, he can help the parties appreciate the risks of not reaching a reasonable and satisfactory resolution. His evaluation can help parties understand the big picture and help to clarify what your realistic goals may be. A resolution always brings a welcome relief from the stress, costs and uncertainty of litigation.

Successful mediation requires the patience and persistence that is only acquired after many years of representing people. Bob has that experience.

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