Insurance Coverage — Bad Faith

Most people expect coverage when an event occurs that they believe is within their insurance policies terms. In most cases, this is what happens. But not always. When insurance fails, bad faith is often alleged.

Was It Valid Denial Of Coverage Or Bad Faith

Insurance companies, as Ohio case law shows, sometimes delay payment or outright deny valid claims. It also shows that policyholders don't always have valid claims. Sometimes, it is difficult because the policy's terms are ambiguous. If an insurer's actions are not "reasonably justified," it may have acted in bad faith, which is a separate claim that can include punitive damages.

Bob is a neutral with experience in handling and mediating all types of insurance claims. These cases often involve questions of legal interpretation which lead to appeals including to the Ohio Supreme Court. Bad faith cases are often ripe for resolution in order to avoid further public litigation. Mediation will save the parties time and expense not to mention eliminating the risks of resolution through the court system.

Bob helps each side find common ground and develop a strategy that will allow them to obtain the best available resolution under the circumstances, not "the best possible resolution in a perfect world."

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