Legal/Professional Malpractice — Negligence

Professional negligence or malpractice cases are common. All professionals are trained to act within the actual "standard of care" of their profession or specialty. Whether a doctor, lawyer, architect, accountant, engineer, or other professional, each can be liable if their conduct falls below the standard of care and results in injury or loss to their patient or client.

Professional Negligence Cases Are Hard Fought

While some would say "it's just business," many professionals who are sued don't feel that way. They are concerned or find that their reputation is tarnished or will be irreparably damaged. This results in an unwillingness to settle, since they believe that they will be vindicated in court. Such an attitude is often misplaced. But, it drives the professional and the insurer to "lawyer up" and hire numerous experts to vehemently fight the claims.

Plaintiffs who have suffered genuine harm or loss believe that the professional should compensate them. They must also hire other professionals as experts to support their claims. As a result, the parties often end up feeling that they are between a "rock and a hard place" and at impasse. But, this type of standoff often benefits no one, leaving the professional's reputation clouded and denying an injured party any compensation. This approach is always expensive and risky.

Bob is very experienced in these cases and appreciates the outcome risks that require advancing significant costs just to be able to present a professional negligence claim in court. Mediation is an ideal forum for resolving these sensitive cases. For a professional, it offers the benefit of no public record being created. The settlement itself can be entirely confidential allowing both parties to make concessions and compromises they would find uncomfortable making in open court.

And, since court rules and procedures do not apply in mediation, Bob can help the parties move forward to settle the claims with comparative rapidity and less cost as well as find closure .

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