Serious Injury And Wrongful Death

Cases involving serious injury and wrongful death arise from all kinds of causes, including motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice and product liability. Whatever the cause, these cases are always difficult because there is so much at stake.

There may be significant damages including a debilitating injury or loss, past and future medical expenses, loss of employment or the impairment of earning capacity causing future income loss in order to make them or their family whole. The usual delays in litigation can greatly exacerbate these losses. And, in certain egregious cases, punitive damages may be at issue.

How To Best Obtain Justice?

But there is also a quest for justice. Justice in these cases is a difficult and complex topic, but for the person injured there is the need to hold a responsible party accountable and to feel that their suffering or the death was not in vain.

These cases are just as hard on defendants, which underlies their efforts to defend themselves.

On either side of the case, parties must deal with delays and expend time and effort all at a very great cost in terms of stress, resources, time and energy - not to mention money.

At a trial, the judge or jury will decide who to believe and what to award in damages. Someone wins, someone loses - not only money, but because their "truth" was rejected by the court or jury. Either the plaintiff or the defendant will win.

Since compensation for an injury may well be critical to the livelihood of a family or necessary for future care of a loved one, the stakes are high. The risks and benefits of the court system are much greater than fashioning a settlement that satisfies both the money needs these cases demand and the need to move on with life. Defendants also want to move on and to manage the settlement so as to satisfy their needs which often relate to more than just one case. For example, in a products liability case, the manufacturer may have other similar cases or risk a huge recall. Or, a defendant business may be in the process of an acquisition or want to avoid adverse publicity because of a shaky stock price.

Bob has handled many of these cases and knows the reasons for and benefits of a settlement to eliminate the risk of uncertainty inherent in litigation. A mediated settlement often makes the most sense in serious injury or wrongful death cases.

Can You Afford The Risk Of A Trial?

These factors are much greater in medical malpractice and products liability cases. Physicians, nurses, other medical professionals and hospitals often have their reputation at stake. Product manufactures may risk a huge recall or hundreds of other cases if they lose. It's tempting to forge ahead to trial.

But taking a medical malpractice or product liability case in Ohio to trial typically costs hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorney fees, investigations and expert witness expenses. Bob understands these cases because Bob has handled these cases.

But Bob also understands that most parties want to settle to eliminate these risks. As the risk of an uncertain trial outcome looms ever larger, the pressure to settle becomes ever greater. If the risks are too great, settlement makes the most sense.

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