Medical Malpractice/Product Liability

Cases involving medical malpractice or products liability often result in serious injuries or death. Sums discussed often reach seven figures. Medical professionals and hospitals as well as manufacturers often have their reputation at stake. It is easy to take negotiating positions that guarantee the other side will reject a settlement offer. It is easy to press forward to trial.

Except it's not.

The Costs Of These Cases Are Enormous

Taking a major medical malpractice or product liability case in Ohio to trial can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorney fees, investigations, and expert witness expenses. During this time, the injured person or their family is suffering the continued stress of trial preparation, depositions and uncertainty. And if a jury looks unfavorably on their case, it may all be for nothing. A $700,000 settlement offer is rejected, but the jury awards $26,000. Bob understands these cases because Bob has handled these cases.

And, Bob understands the duality of parties wanting to try their case and wanting to settle it. The pressure to settle can come from case issues (, deposition testimony, a court ruling or a trial date) or from "life" issues (, need for money, a move to another location, a sale of the business). The reality of turning over all of your control to a jury is the turning point whether it is months away or the next week. As a mediator, Bob can lead the parties to a reasonable and satisfactory resolution through this confidential process.

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