Personal Injury

Personal injury cases are expensive on many levels. An individual has suffered harm and must demonstrate that some owed them a duty to avoid or prevent that harm, failed to do so and is liable for their damages.

Sounds simple enough. But the costs of bringing such a case is quite high due to expert witness fees, depositions, and other costs. A lot of the expense is often deferred until the trial date is close. Mediation of a settlement before those costs are incurred often makes the most sense.

All cases will get resolved at some point. Well over 95% of these cases are settled without a trial. The prospects of an early mediation (before filing suit or shortly after) can lead to faster closure for both parties. Mediations are not controlled by a court docket. The parties choose where and when to meet. The mediator then guides them through the confidential process usually in one day.

Bob handled these cases for many years. He has a deep understanding of the passion involved on both sides of personal injury cases. As a mediator, he brings the patience, understanding, compassion and clear-headedness to help parties find what they need, a reasonable and satisfactory settlement.

It Will Probably Settle Anyway

Very few civil cases in Ohio or anywhere in the United States go to trial. The average is often reported at about 90 percent. So in most situations, your case will settle. It is merely a question of when.

From his office in Columbus, Bob Palmer provides a way out of the litigation morass. He understands it won't be easy. It never is. But the prospect of a mediated settlement carries with it many benefits for the parties. It can be done with alacrity. There are no court dockets with which to contend, nor the need to wrangle with complex procedural and evidentiary rules.

Having worked as an attorney for almost four decades has provided Bob with a deep understanding of the passion personal injury cases can involve. From his experience with legal matters and people during that time, Bob brings the patience, understanding, compassion and clear-headedness necessary to help you resolve your matter.

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